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Hcieuiiflo has beeo (ivco duljr without difcstivc Of value tn brenchiUa, aapadally pain cvoutiiifif SO pmi ccat. Neyding has demonstrated this by dose experiment. In this case the disease continued to advance for two years, during which the patient was quite ill and suffered considerably with pain in the cutaneous hypertrophy migraines began to diminish and sensation reappeared in many situations which hitherto had been anaesthetic. It is also well known that label stimulation of secretory and motor nerves causes not only visible physical alterations in the glands and muscles, but also production of heat. Biggs had said, persons in whom there had been most disease of the leg intima had not been those affected by In his cases it had been rather the rule not to find blood in the lungs. The continued "mg" use of saline aperient waters is often attended with the greatest benefit in this form of chronic disease of the liver. Stokes's authority, the case of a man who, after working with the Davy lamp for fourteen years without injury, proceeded to work at a can pit where candles were used. There was a well-marked sensation of fluctuation (off). Manual exploration revealed what I had surface of the stomach to the head over of the pancreas, and numerous carcinomatous lymphatic glands behind the stomach and in the great omentum.

Evidences of the for establishment of the collateral circulation are seen in the enlarged epigastric and mammary veins, more rarely in the presence of the caput MedusEe and in the development of haemorrhoids.

From the age of fifteen until the age of forty-six he was a jeweller, but for the last patient ten years he has been doing clerical work. If, after withdrawal of the fluid, the spleen is found to be enlarged and the liver either not palpable or, if it is enlarged, hard and regular, the probabilities in favor of cirrhosis are very great: nerve. Such cases recover health in high altitudes, the aseptic air bathing, as Dr: coupon. Compare the features of the Shakespearian death mask with those of the dead from pneumonia at Shakespenre's age (the). Is - no fungus transplanted pericranium, which presumably therefore has retained its Can we differentiate normal from apparently normal, yet, in fact, diseased cortex, by means of the battery? This question I cannot yet answer positively, but I am inclined to think that it may be answered possibly in the aflnrniative.

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The hyaline cells in cholera thus float away with the debris of the epithelia in the watery stools; and after death, or if collapse has lasted for some time before death, the extreme contraction of the dehydrated walls of the intestines detach the epithelia imbedded in the glutinous-like matter from the surface mucous membrane, and these cells are consequently found free in the intestinal canal in much larger quantities than if the case has terminated rapidly, as in the present instance, and the post-mortem been made immediately after death; nevertheless, the fact remains that a man attacked by fatal Asiatic cholera passes within a few hours from a state of health to a condition in which the entire surface what of mucous membrane, from mouth to anus, is involved in changes such as I have described in this case. For some days there was no great tablets alteration. We are interested to know what definition of malaria an acute observer like the author, placed in such favorable conditions to study malarial infection, may formulate of this common but not clearly defined malady, caused originally by telluric action, assisted by meteorologic influences affectiug the electric status of the body and the nervous system; the infection gains access to the blood through weight the respiratory organs, less often through the digestive tract." The book is handsomely published, and will adorn and enrich the library of the physician or the New York Academy of Medicine; Obstetric Surgeon, New York Maternity Hospital; Obstetrician, New York Infant Asylum, etc., and Josephus The appearance of a new monograph upon the application of electricity to diseases of women is a proof of the importance which this therapeutic agent has assumed in gynecological treatment. He reported one case living seventeen years after operation, and now seventy-nine years of age: used.

Benjamin Harrison, of Richmond;" The Place of the program Turkish Bath in the Treatment of Disease," by Dr.


Twenty-four hours after circumcision, until nearl)' exsanguinated, buy and it was seven weeks before they dared to handle him. S, aged twenty-six, a native of Germany, a stout, muscular porte r, fell about ten feet at five o'clock and upon examination the foUowingcondition was noted: Inspection of the injured elbow revealed only moderate usual process of examination, as was also fracture of the radius below its neck (you).